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I draw fakemon.

More recently, I write Homestuck poetry.

Even MORE recently, I started working on an original story.


What else do you want me to say?


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The Eraser Effect
I happened to watch a few interesting videos on what is traditionally-referred to as the Mandela Effect. Which actually doesn't exist in South Africa. But I had a fascinating thought. 
First of all, I am confident parallel universes exist along with ours in some fashion. I am also confident that human memory/consciousness can sometimes access these other universes by way of subconscious/unconscious perception. These tend to be fuzzy because it's like picking up static from a far away station, plus our brains are taking a dump at the same time. So it's like listening to the radio while having a conversation and squinting at the TV.
It parses together fine at the moment but it's like having an experience with no consistent ability to mentally record it. Sure, we grasp onto the last really pertinent details but we also conflate and rationalize what we witnessed. So on the one hand, we get some bits of the TV plus remembering the radio at a
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Twisting a Trope
Walking in on the main girl/s changing has become a tired trope of pretty much all magical school animes.
- Bright red apology.
- Brash brushing it off.
- Offering to get naked too so it's less embarrassing (best variant).
But I had an alternative...
First-year Ueno Tashiro stepped methodically along the full hallways of Rokuda Academy for Magical Science.
Though his view was fully-obscured by a book, a spell of awareness guided him past any and all obstructions.
Only when he came the next class did he lower the tome to scan the room. He had unknowingly stepped inside whilst the girls of class 4-B were all in the midst of changing. 
Ladies all around cried out, flailing for their tops and skirts. A purple-haired one with twin pigtails and narrowed, blue eyes tightened her fist as she used her other hand to poorly-hide her slight chest. A silver-haired girl beside her did even worse at hiding her immense figure and faint-pink bra. 
Tashiro groaned and rolled his eyes as he
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So, that other journal has been up for over a year and was collecting dust something fierce. Time to clean it off. ^^;

Same subject- the Lovecraftmon cries I've had sitting around. Since I can't get them on DA without some flash magic as in the Demolsis/Percra and Creciga Cry deviations, which I don't have the ability to make, I've instead put them on Soundcloud. Go here to see the current playlist:…

A couple notes:

-Still kind of tentative on Saccusale's. Might scrap it eventually.
-Gimorsa's is intended to cut off like that.
-I'm having trouble choosing between versions 1, 2, and 3 of Empirasin. If you have an opinion, feel free to comment on this journal.

I'll probably collect these in to a deviation at SOME point. You know, a couple years from now or so.
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Flair, They of the Dark Aurora
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This would be me!

(For other such pictures, go here.)


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